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geb. 1981
Institut für bildende Kunst
Bildende Kunst; Studienzweig Bildende Kunst
Betreuung: Zobernig, Heimo
XXXXX, 2010
Abschlussjahr: 2010
Videoprojektion, Videoobjekt (Klebeband auf Monitor), Styroporskulptur
Maße variabel (Skulptur: 150 x 250 cm)
Video projection
Flags are visually interesting as they show us unexpected movement caused by the arbitrary force of the wind. To analyse it as a form, it is compared to its original state without movement or alterations. It has on it a grid similar to graph paper. This grid can be compared to a flat form from every point of view. Every line can be followed from every angle. The flag´s information can be used in the coordinate lines. The structure expresses meaning and order and inside this imaginary grid one could locate an infinite numbers of points in space and time.

Video-object. The grid is meticulously built with black tape on the screen.
The flag moves randomly inside the 360° behind the artificial grid. The object has an optical and hypnotizing effect.

The information from the flag´s grid is used to build up a sculptural piece through the use of a computer programme for 3D modelling. The computer interprets real data to create a piece beyond the artist´s control.
Dank an Axel Koschier, Nicola Brunnhuber, Paul Artur Linner, Eva Sommeregger, Florian Schafschetzy, Michael Della Giustina, Günther Dregger und Fundación Arte y Derecho