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Institut für bildende Kunst
Bildende Kunst; Studienzweig Bildende Kunst
Betreuung: Zobernig, Heimo
Film und Skulptur, 2011
Abschlussjahr: 2011
In spring 2011 I decided to investigate what specific circumstances are preconditioned for sculpture and at what point a substance can be described as a sculpture? I decided to go on a trip without any clear direction, where I would visit different people and places in the search for insight.

The first questions that came to mind were: how is a sculpture affected by culture, and how does it affect cultural life? What is the intention of the producer of a sculpture, and which social relations does this imply?

When we ask what a sculpture is, we inevitably also ask what is an object.

I decided to set up a meeting with two professional artists in their garden to ask them how they would define an object.

An object is something external to consciousness, that the awareness is directed towards. An object can tell us exactly what we are not, but at the same time we use an object to show others who we are or would like to be.

Both indicated it makes sense to, in the first place, question the past, the present or the future of an object. However, for them was also fundamental to ask which connection a item has to the site where it belongs.

The discussion continued, and after dinner and some good glasses of wine, they broadened the horizon of their definitions to reach the following conclusion:

An object is not necessarily material.

An object is often open and fluid and cannot be quantified or be loosely summarized.

An idea, a sound, an atmosphere or a social situation can also turn into an object, in a broader sense.

I found their thoughts inspiring and left their place galvanised, motivated to continue my inquiry.

The following days I spent looking closely at all kinds of objects I came across, trying to find out what meaning they could unleash. Along the way I also studied people, and noticed which things they (carried) around. For instance, I tried to imagine where they would go and what they would keep in their bags. I tried to make some rough categories of things in order to make things a bit clear.

There are things whose purpose is to create other things, and objects from which other objects can be created. Some things are meant to contain other things, for example the yellow bag that this man is wearing, is painted like cheese… its function is that of a bag, but it also points at the function of food…