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Institut für Kunst und Architektur
Masterstudium; Architektur
Betreuung: Gruber, Stefan
Meanwhile, 2012
Abschlussjahr: 2012
The title "Meanwhile" refers to that in-between period of time, when a formerly productive, industrial area becomes disused and before its redevelopment would occur. The objective of the project is, through a design proposal, to challenge this in-between time.

I would like to argue, that the abandoned phase within the life of these sites, has to be equally considered as their productive past and hoped future. Through the project I will demonstrate the aliveness of these sites, even before their rebirth in the form of a master plan would take place. By drawing, reading, recognizing and accepting the present status quo, obvious signs and evidences of constant ongoing transformations can be indentified. The found signs, with their qualities and strange aesthetics, should be considered as possibility to trigger new design ideas. This period, usually unrecorded and undervalued for architectural proposals, could generate interventions not only staging the present status quo, but marking an important time span in the life of industrial wastelands.

The project operates in a specific location in Budapest, in the 9th district at the former whole sale market hall. Four interventions are made: each of them unfolds from their context, none of them are connected to one another, and the different materiality enhances their own characteristics.