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Institut für bildende Kunst
Bildende Kunst; Studienzweig Bildende Kunst
Betreuung: Zobernig, Heimo
The world of hardstyle, 2014
Abschlussjahr: 2014
Somehow there is a diagonal connection in the show between the video and the drawing. Apart from being mounted next to the corners of the room, they are both kind of self-portraits. The video obviously, but also knowing the origin of the drawing I can’t help seeing it that way.

I think this creates a contrast to the more impersonal parts of the show, which is where I would put the prints and the paintings. I like this contrast of having works that point away from myself and works that point inwards. Something is at stake personally at the same time as I can have a discussion about phenomena in art and in the world generally.

Part of my theoretical curiosity has to do with this project of finding a common denominator for the paintings and the USM minimalist furniture. They are so different in their presence, but still I feel they have some similar qualities. For example both can potentially hold any subject and they could easily belong to anyone. If I wanted to buy a USM Haller it would become part of my life and identity — I would feel ownership. In a similar way an abstract painting has the quality of reflecting any subject. It’s contentless and needs the projection from the viewer. It’s not going to tell you much and you have to spend some time with if you want to fill it with meaning.

The works in the show point to different aspects of an individual. I like how the mediums and expressions has different abilities of describing an imagined subject. Obviously me, the artist, is the most apparent subject being portrayed, but I am much more entertained by the idea that it points to a hologram of an invented personality.

As I mentioned before, I am fascinated of how I was caught by ads in yacht- and interior magazines. But the fact that I was caught is important for no other reason than that I chose those four ads specifically for the exhibition. What’s more interesting is how Rolex and USM have invented the perfect buyer for their product based on statistics and research, to be sure they can exactly measure their intended message to reach their crowd of buyers. Obviously they can’t know them all, but they can know the stereotype. Each of the three Rolex watches describe a personality. Like who wears a green crocodile strap?