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Institut für Kunst und Architektur
Masterstudium; Architektur
Betreuung: Stiefel, Hannes
On Unexplored Paths, 2015
Abschlussjahr: 2015
an exploration of space in the virtual realm
immersive video installation / point-clouds / virtual reality
13min 45sek - video/composition
"On Unexplored Paths" is an audiovisual installation. It is an artistic exploration of reading and perceiving space on behalf of the uprising technology of laser-scanning and pointcloud models.

The project deals with the virtual reproduction of space dislocating “real space” into the digital realm. It is a journey through a world, an environment, where any commonly physical constraints are eliminated. On the journey the conventions of senses and perception will be challenged.

The visual representation unveils the potentials for a new reading and understanding of space and spatial correlations. Physical limitations will disperse and one will be able to fly, pervade through walls and ceilings, capture forensic detail, morphological information and depth through diaphanous bodies.

The richness of detail, morphological complexion and geographical information accessible in a 3-D model of a pointcloud allows intrinsic exploration and architecture itself to reapproach the question of the digital. Pointclouds and their characteristics will influence the methodology and unveil new design matters. Introducing these issues into the discourse of the profession will extend the realm of architectural practice beyond its current authority.

The current state of the composition is the starting point of a new way to envision space, experience and perception. It is about blurring the discontinuity between the real and the virtual world.

A production of immersive moments.