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Institut für bildende Kunst
Bildende Kunst; Studienzweig Bildende Kunst
Betreuung: Zobernig, Heimo
Monday Tuesday Friday Wednesday Friday Thursday Saturday Sunday, 2016
Abschlussjahr: 2016
The show is made up of four parts.

The flat works consist of carbon fibre applied in brick-like shapes on pink, silver, and yellow aluminum plates. Paintings on smaller aluminum plates are mounted on top of that. Carbon fibre is found in most things that require lightness, strength, and speed, like bicycles, Formula 1 cars, cross country skis, or tennis racquets. Carbon fibers are usually combined with other materials to form a composite. When combined with a plastic resin and wound or molded it forms carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, often just referred to as carbon fiber, which has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. In their raw, woven state, however, carbon fibers are fragile and unravel easily.

The headless office lamps are powder coated in pale colors and decorated with stickers. The stickers on the works pictured in the documentation display the following texts and pictures: Ottakringer (logo), lyrics from the German song «MoDiMi» by Die Schröders, digital clocks showing early/late hours, «30 seconds hard 30 seconds hard», «get up early and do nothing», «Christian-Bale-american-psycho-workout», «Latissimus Dorsi and dumbbells ddumb bells and balanced arms aaaarms lance armstrong», «FT body», «Financial Times northern european skin color», «coffee with Tokyo Martinis with New York», «FUTURE FUTURES FUTURE FUTURES FUTURE FUTURES», «S/S 2016 FFFinancial TTTTIMES» «INSURGENTS IN SURGERY INSURGENTS IN SURGERY INSURGENTS IN SURGERY INSURGENTS IN SURGERY».

The Neon light takes its shape from the Latissimus dorsi, meaning broadest (muscle) of the back. It is made with blue Murano glass and mounted in the window of the exhibition space so it’s visible from the inside and the outside.

I did the «Monday Tuesday... » piece thinking of «boxer shorts work»: Doing work you can actually do from the sofa. Staying in your boxer shorts in the morning – not getting dressed – is such a lazy thing, and I wanted to see if it was possible to activate that somehow. So I made a small collection using pricy suit fabrics like pinstriped wool and tweed. I’m interested in the middle point between on the one hand being disciplined and hard-working and on the other cultivating laziness – getting up early to do nothing. It’s like cheating myself out of the protestant convention of work, finding some relief to my bad consciousness of not being productive enough by at least getting up early. And then of course I have time for second breakfast.