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Institut für Kunst und Architektur
Masterstudium; Architektur
Betreuung: Clear, Nicholas Allan
Hikmet's Garden | A cinematic archive of landscapes in motion, 2016
Abschlussjahr: 2016
Haydarpasha Terminal in Istanbul, at the western edge of the Asian continent has a century long history, starting with the colonialist ambitions of the Germans. It also inaugurates the narration of a literary piece named "Human Landscapes of my Country". Written by the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet during his years of imprisonment, the epic novel in verse describes a journey departing from Haydarpasha Terminal and immersing into the Anatolian landscape. A landscape constructed by the sequential progression of a train. A landscape of memories, atmospheres and rhythm. A landscape of text beyond terrain and topography.

75 years after Hikmet wrote "Human Landscapes of my Country" and more than a century after the terminal was realized as the initial point for the famous Baghdad Railway, the connection to this landscape ceased to exist. After a fire in 2010 the rail-traffic at Haydarpasha Terminal had been slowly turned down. New development plans for the area where announced and retracted. The building was projected to be a hotel, then a museum etc. In the mean time the building remained as a ruin.

With its historic context and actual state of vacancy Haydarpasha Terminal offers the setting for a speculative scenario: A virtual archive of cinematic landscapes in motion. The idea of a perpetually changing space, generated by the motion-sequence of the weekly train from Istanbul to Lake Van in east Anatolia, follows up on different concepts around the notion of an archive as a narrative space. Beyond the Euclidean space it speculates about landscape as a poetic and ephemeral space of images, text, rhythm and narratives. This exploration happens through the deconstruction and montage of a sequential space described through a multimedia installation, including video projections and a VR simulation.