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Institut für bildende Kunst
Bildende Kunst; Studienzweig Bildende Kunst
Betreuung: Göthe, Julian
A Fantasy of a Self-Discussion, 2019
Abschlussjahr: 2019
Before folktales were written down in the late 1700s in Central Europe, storytellers played an important role in society. Nonetheless, not much is known about these performers. What is known is that they would use rhythm, rhymes, repetitions, sound and movements in telling their tales. Similar tools are used in contemporary storytelling forms such as hip-hop, pop music, and children songs. This is the foundation of the performance “A Fantasy of a Self-Discussion”.

In the performance we meet five personalities: a shrimp, an ant, a maggot, a blowfly and the narrator––different characters in the trash bin of my mind. Animals' tales are a specific category of folktales. They have a simple structure, which would invite everyone in a community to participate and come up with a tale of their own, making the distance between audience and performer smaller. The fable would become part of the collective repertoire and be passed on.

In relation to the complexity of identity I have split my personality into different aspects. Studies in primary psychological human functions and consciousness have inspired me, as well as the Danish reality TV program “Hvad er der galt med Søren?” (“What's Wrong with Soren?”) in which Soren's personality is split into four different characters when he visits a therapist.

Remixed from animals and the jester, many parts of the costume have a functional role in extending the body and creating different sounds. Together with gestures and dance moves, the costume and choreography are used to activate sound pieces and underline different elements of the tale.
Dank an Jørgen Rønnow/Bedstefar, Yoko Maja Hilfling Rahbek Hansen, Prof. Julian Göthe, Anne Spier, Michael Part, Beatrix Curran, Birke Gorm, Pablo Ehmer, Laura Fuglesang, Viktor Lundgård, Ann Muller, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Max Kolten, Christian Mühlbauer, Brishty Alam, Stine Ølgod, Jennifer Gelardo, Karen Rønnow, Ragnar Heldt Nielsen, Mathilde Heldt Rønnow, Nikolaj Heldt Rønnow.