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Institut für Kunst und Architektur
Masterstudium; Architektur
Betreuung: Tschapeller, Wolfgang
Reality doesn’t need me, 2020
Abschlussjahr: 2020
The thesis project deals with the simple fact that we are beings with two eyes. It is about the role of our visuality in contemporary environments, and about how we could productively raise questions that tackle the construction of our visual perception in relation to architecture.

In the production of scientific knowledge as well as in our everyday culture, visuality has taken a prominent role. In contemporary media environments, human interaction with the world increasingly takes place via various types of images and screens that display visual information in a one eyed way. However, this construction of the world is based on a one-eyed geometrical perspective, and is seemingly immaterial, disconnected from bodies and environments.

Precisely here my project tries to raise questions, that influence the potentially production of architecture, because when we acknowledge the seemingly simple fact that we have two eyes, a lot changes and the one-eyed perspectival reality we so dearly hold onto is starting to disappear. Eventually leading to the question what to do without perspective as a constructor of our reality? My project aims at finding means to experience this paradigmatic shift, from perspectival to spatial visuality.